11 thoughts on “Price hike in marijuana causing some medical patients to buy cannabis on Nevada streets instead”

  1. Welcome to Vegas, where it is all about the money and nothing else. Medical patients don't care about "lab tested." Medical patients care about something that is affordable and going to work. Which streets do the job just fine. If they really want to benefit and help out the state by legalizing, they nees to drop these ridiculously high prices. Especially for medical patients.

  2. Since it's not a cure for anything, the state can set the prices. People forget that casino revenues got schools built in Nevada, pot can never do that just get people high. Welcome to state run capitalism Bwhahaha!

  3. Legalization in NV is a joke !  They claim they were not prepared ?  How could they not be , they had plenty of time and other states examples of what to do right . Even some dispensaries are selling product WAY past its expiration date ! Not worth the huge price hikes . But the state really shot itself in the foot when they handed the alcohol industry distribution rights ! WTF ???

  4. Hahaha

    Its funny sinclair still thinks they can win


    The price gouge is thanks to a sneaky conservative earmark making entry into the legal market cost an exhorborant requirement in 250k in liquidated assets, the price of a suburban home.

    But of course you dont report that part of the law and the cause of the hike based on evidence

    The days of lazy journalism are over
    Dont lie to your audience

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