Nevada Already RAN OUT OF WEED – Weekly Weird News

Full-scale cannabis legalization in Nevada hasn’t just been successful, it’s been TOO successful, and now the governor has declared a state of emergency because there isn’t enough weed to go around.

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45 thoughts on “Nevada Already RAN OUT OF WEED – Weekly Weird News”

  1. Some of the liquor dealers' reticence might be attributable to the idea that many secondary supplier industries to the casino industry may have legacy ties to organized crime; as supplier contracts were plums to be given out during the heyday of Mafia Vegas. Liquor dealing was one such plum. The "State of Emergency" would be a pretty optimal way to sneak those dealers with iffy ownership histories through the back door into the place they were promised. The interim period was enough time for them to "clean up" their backgrounds to eventually pass even Federal muster once the SoE is lifted.

  2. Holy shit can you imagine Islamists on Shrooms? That'd be terrifying… "It brings the dead old dogma alive"? Seriously?! We don't need it to be anymore alive in these morons. Acid Jihad. Sounds like a band name. I TM that.

  3. Just got back from Washington. I got to say, being able to go down and buy some weed from a store is just amazing. I would have to show some more discipline if I lived there though. You can't just be high all of the time… right?

  4. Marijuana legalization in NV is a total joke ! Not have they been running out of stock , but a lot of dispensaries have been selling weed that's way past the expiration date ! Even so called " medical only " dispensaries raised prices to an absurd amount !  How were they not prepared for this ??? I guess when you hand over the keys to the alcohol industry you're obviously not playing with a full deck !  Man do I miss Cali !

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