LVMPD Shoots Man Aiming Gun During Search Warrant

Las Vegas, NV — At approximately 1:53 p.m. on Monday, November 6, 2017 LVMPD officers were dispatched to 7383 Newcrest Circle to investigate a possible homicide. Arriving officers found a deceased male victim outside the residence on the front porch. After
clearing the residence, a second deceased victim was found inside the home.

Officers learned of an on-going neighbor dispute between the victims and the next door neighbor, Jarrett Varnado, who resided at 7403 Newcrest Circle. For several hours officers made numerous attempts to contact him via bullhorn and phone calls. Varnado’s family members arrived and opened his garage door. One of the homicide victim’s vehicle was located inside. As a result a search warrant was obtained and the SWAT Section was called to execute the warrant.

SWAT made several additional attempts to contact Varnado, including playing a recorded message from his mother pleading with him to exit the house on his own accord. All efforts proved unsuccessful. A robot and police K9 were then sent into the house and Varnado was located in a bedroom on the second floor.

A police dog was sent into the bedroom and when it did not return it indicated to officers that a suspects had been located. SWAT officers entered the room and they found Varnado on top of the police dog.

SWAT officers saw that Varnado was armed with a handgun which he pointed at officers. Two officers fired their weapons once each striking Varnado. Officers rendered immediate medical attention to Varnado until he was transported to UMC Trauma where he was pronounced deceased.

The gun was later determined to be a replica of a Walther PPK. A second firearm that was uncovered when Varnado was moved was a loaded Berretta .25 caliber pistol. That gun was real.

This is the 20th officer involved shooting for 2017. The LVMPD Force Investigation Team is currently investigating the officers’ use of force in this incident. Their findings will be forwarded to the Clark County District Attorney for review.

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9 thoughts on “LVMPD Shoots Man Aiming Gun During Search Warrant”

  1. Why didn't they just taze his pinky toe? Why didn't they just fog the room with OC? Why didn't they just put him in a wrist lock and make him tap out?

    They didn't have to shoot this peaceful, respectful, pillar of the community, that wasn't resisting, following all their commands and was just trying to hand the pistol back to one of them after they dropped it while brutalizing and traumatizing him.

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