Las Vegas witnesses: ‘We had to run over the bodies’

“We had to run over the bodies”: Witnesses of the the Las Vegas shooting killing 59 and injuring more than 500 speak to RT.

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20 thoughts on “Las Vegas witnesses: ‘We had to run over the bodies’”

  1. Give us a break. Watch ALL the videos on the floor of the concert,, from when there is 22,000 people to when there was like 50.. People holding onto their beverages, just standing there, NO BODIES No 500+ Wounded.. no blood on anyone.. Phoniest gun fire I have ever heard.. NO SHOTS people, no-one died. Actors will be tried for treason . All the multiple shooter BS is dis info. There is NO shooter.

  2. It appears that Zio-media exclusively interviews plants and false witnesses. On the other hand, she may have run over some of the many people who were lying down, afraid, or even run over some crisis actors. Or she's simply a lying plant. In any case, running over some bodies doesn't mean this event was real or that any of them had been shot.

  3. Everyone handles things differently I'm so tired of people saying this is fake. I know one of the victims this is 100 percent true her funeral was last week. Please stop with your negative comments and show some compassion for them all and the victims families

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