28 thoughts on “FBI to release report on Las Vegas massacre by Oct. 1, 2018”

  1. Hard to believe the wheels of justice move this slow?…..13 days to process a room?……..500 people working on this for a year??….Comey brought a lot of question down upon the FBI with his Clinton, on, off, on off side show. Honestly if this is how they function on a normal basis some changes need to be made.

  2. What he means is there is NO RIGHT WING IDEOLOGY, NO CONNECTION TO TRUMP, THE NRA, OR THE TEA PARTY and no connection to Russia or foreign terrorists. What does that leave but Liberal and Democrat ideology, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and other assorted leftist nutjobs.

  3. Since when does it take a whole year to come forward with information on a single shooter? They pushed the narrative of the single shooter as soon as they breached Paddock's room, and before the evidence and reports from other areas in Las Vegas had come in. It's a lie to say a year investigation is lightning speed. Think about all the single shooters on Youtube. A lot of the footage comes out to the public in days. The FBI has complete control of this investigation. And they are delaying giving information to the public, I just know what their motivation is.

  4. This is a perfect example of just how corrupt our government is. The FBI and CIA are responsible for this shooting no matter how you look at it. Waiting a year to come forward with some kind of evidence is nothing more than time needed to cover up their tracks, hide and destroy evidence and blame everything on Stephen Paddock. Good law enforcement doesn't need a year to come up with a narrative to force the public to accept. Good law enforcement historically speaking came up with the truth within weeks and presented it to the public. This shooting is nothing more than a reason for the government to justify the gun debate. It will be used to justify taking lawful abiding citizens guns away from them. It must be nice to be part of a terrorist organization like the FBI and CIA to go out killing their own fellow country men and then blame all of society for it. What is the purpose of being a lawful citizen if the ones who are in charge are killing you and your family and friends?

  5. Ok so what about the other shooters??? Gun flash from delano hotel??? Crooked ass world we live in..they lucky we cant do SHIT about it..but just kno that WE KNOW u sorry fucks..garbage ass government man smh

  6. Everytime we watch this RELENTLESS brainwashing "gunman Steve Paddock" we're sick and disgusted all over again..and please note, the NON-SENSICAL "CORONER'S REPORT" as they always do, MEANS NOTHING. IT'S BEEN DECADES SINCE THE FBI steadily morphed into a corrupt cover-up agency..does anyone think the CORRUPTION OF THE Fecal Bucket of Immorality started recently, during the Obama administration?! TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE, MR. ROUSE; our first step was to protect ourselves from YOU. Too bad Steve Patsy didn't do that!

  7. STILL Working hard on (the most recent) CIA-FBI mass murder of innocent Americans in Vegas..At this point, we will say this: FBI DEFINITELY needs no information, FBI has been VERY VERY BUSY COVERING UP THEIR CRIME, but they have made several bad mistakes they will NOT be able to lie their way out of, including, but not limited to, foolish discussions before and after the crime which we have captured and archived in several locations spring-loaded for automatic release…just in case..NO, MR ROUSE, WE MOST DEFINITELY DON'T TRUST THE F.ECAL B.UCKET OF I.MMORALITY…NOOOO!!!

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