Beme News Update #2: Pass the Doritos

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Nevada Statement of Emergency

Dutch Drug Policy
Amsterdam Drug Laws:
National Drug Laws:

Colorado Tax Revenue
Total Tax Revenue:
Departmental Appropriations:
Building Excellent School Today (BEST) Fund:

ACLU report “The War on Marijuana in Black and White”:

Marijuana Industry Employment Estimates:

Coal Mining Industry Employment, June 2017:

Americans’ Views on Legalizing Marijuana (Gallup, Oct. 2016):

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Remarks on Marijuana:
Speaking to the National Association of Attorneys General, February 28, 2017:

Remarks Before Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement, March 15, 2017

Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control Hearing, April 5 2016


42 thoughts on “Beme News Update #2: Pass the Doritos”

  1. Too long, we didn’t really define the angle (specific issue we were examining), the field reporting scenes we a bit scattered, pacing was off and in the end i wasn’t sure what i just watched. I give this a C+. We like sharing these imperfect cuts to show you our progress. Still finding our voice. We’ll get there!!

  2. If you are disabled in Connecticut (and that could mean anything) you need to jump through hoops to verify disability first, then pay $100 for an annual identification card to show to medical marijuana dispensary!
    Let's change that!!! People with disabilities shouldn't need to be investigated and charged processing fees to State to feel better!!!! 😠

  3. The power of the people will smite all the nay saying…  I think because in principle, although in common practice it is viewed theoretically, the power comes from the people in the United States. Hopefully the transition goes smoothly as night to day.

  4. Jeff sessions reminds me of those advertisers who don’t like creative people………..good people Do smoke marijuana. Creative people Do buy boosted boards. They need to learn about us rather than constantly trying to control our thoughts.

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