Nevada politicians question potential federal marijuana crackdown

Nevada Democrats hosted a press conference at The Apothecary Shoppe marijuana dispensary on Jan. 4 to protest a potential crackdown on legal marijuana by the Department of Justice. (Michael Scott Davidson)


Weed Has Been Legal In Nevada For A Week And It’s Already Running Out

Weed Has Been Legal In Nevada For A Week And It’s Already Running Out
Weed enthusiasts in Nevada have wasted no time this week getting their hands (and bongs) on some of the state’s recently legalized marijuana.

The sale of recreational marijuana has been legal in the state since last Sunday night, making it the fifth state to legalize the drug for recreational purposes. But there’s already a fear that rations are running low.

Al Fasano of ReLeaf, a medical dispensary in Las Vegas, told CNN Money he saw seven or eight times more business than usual this weekend, with many customers being tourists from out of state. Medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 2001, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“The line is out the door and the line just doesn’t stop,” Fasano said. “People are there when we open [at 10 a.m.] and they’re there when we close [at midnight].”

The Reno Gazette-Journal noted that the state made an estimated $1 million from taxes between Saturday and Tuesday, and dispensaries as much as $3 million.

But there’s still not enough product to go around. Part of the problem — besides excited potheads — is the lack of distributors available, USA Today reports.

Marijuana shortages can happen immediately after legalization because of strict state regulations. In Nevada, there aren’t enough suppliers licensed to transport recreational marijuana to meet the demand of the dispensaries. The Nevada Tax Commission is voting on an emergency regulation Thursday that would allow the Department of Taxation to consider a larger pool of applicants for distribution licenses.

And if they just can’t wait for the kinks in the legalization process to get ironed out, the people of Nevada could take a trip to Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska — the four other states that have legalized the substance.

But we’re hoping Nevada figures out its pot problem soon and its residents won’t have to worry about sharing their stash.


Nevada: Marihuana zum Freizeitgebrauch

Im US-Staat Nevada haben die Geschäfte zum Verkauf von Marihuana zum Freizeitgebrauch seit Samstag geöffnet. Es bildeten sich lange Schlangen.

Eine Frau in Las Vegas sagt: “Ich bin ein alter Hippie aus San Francisco, aber ich lebe seit 15 Jahren in Las Vegas. Mir hat es immer gefehlt, das Marihuana zum Freizeitgebrauch. Daher freue ich mich, dass das jetzt möglich ist. Der Rauch ist nichts für meine Lunge, aber die Nahrungsmittel mit Marihuana, da freue ich mich darüber.”

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