Part 2 of 3: Las Vegas Police Brutality

On May 28, 2017, All Shades United, an activist group, protested the killing of Tashii Brown-Farmer at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino; the group blocked traffic on the Las Vegas Strip. In this video, the second part of a three-part series on the killing, Marquis Ealy sits down with Stretch Sanders, the President of All Shades United, to discuss the news coverage of the protest and some of the events that happened that day.

Off Camera, before the beginning of their discussion, Sanders and Ealy watched two videos. The first one they watched is the news coverage of the event—which might as well had been put together by the public relations department for the LVMPD. That video is here: The video that shows what really happened is a Facebook live video in which Marquis Ealy covered the protest. It an be found at this link The ill-framed conversation with the police officer can be found at 6:55.








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