Are there too many dispensaries in Las Vegas valley?

Does Clark County need more marijuana dispensaries?  That’s a question being posed by County Commissioner Susan Brager.


Marijuana in the workplace questions

Local businesses are facing a dilema now that recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada. The question is, do they hire someone who uses the drug on their own time? Companies are being forced to review their policies. Tom George reporting.


How Liquor Companies Screwed Up Pot Legalization in Nevada

The state granted alcohol special interests an 18-month distribution monopoly. Now dispensaries are running out of weed.

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And thanks to capitalism, progress in the 20th century will pale in comparison to what’s coming in the 21st. “In 2117,” he says, “we’ll be infinitely better off.”

Forbes sat down with Reason’s Nick Gillespie at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas to discuss the legacy and future of the magazine, his assessment of President Trump, and where the legislative agenda for Republicans is falling short.

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So Many People Tried to Buy Weed in Nevada That the State Declared a State of Emergency

When the sale of recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada on July 1, so many people came out to blaze it that the governor had to declare a state of emergency to say: we’re running out of weed.

Within the first four days of business, the 47 stores retail marijuana stores conducted more than 40,000 transactions and made around $3 million in sales. The law passed back in November and would allow those 21-years-old and up to purchase up to one ounce of weed.

The part that is slowing down the sales is the distributors. The law gave exclusive rights to liquor distributors to transport the product, but the process has been slow and full of legal blockades.


Las Vegas morning update for Saturday, July 8th

1. An arrest report reveals a chilling message sent from a victim’s Facebook account last month by his suspected shooter. Police say Delon Holston shot three people in a rental car on June 13, killing two of them. His arrest report shows he messaged the surviving victim’s ex-girlfriend, saying that he killed him. Holston is facing two counts of murder with a deadly weapon and one count of attempted murder.

2. Recreational marijuana hit the sales floor in Nevada a week ago and dispensaries are struggling to keep their shelves stocked. Gov. Brian Sandoval signed emergency regulations yesterday. Some dispensaries are saying the legal fight over distribution rights could put them out of product within the next several days. The industry has done millions of dollars of business over the first 100 hours of retail sales.

3. Construction is underway at Resorts World Las Vegas where the Stardust once stood. The president of Resorts World tells the Review-Journal it will hire 3,000 union employees to operate the Chinese-themed resort that will open in 2020.


Dispensaries see boom in business following first weekend of legal recreational marijuana

Dispensaries see boom in business following first weekend of legal recreational marijuana in Nevada


Buyers Cheer As Recreational Pot Goes On Sale In Nevada

NBC has reported that cheers and long lines of tourists and locals alike greeted the first day of sales of recreational marijuana on Saturday as Nevada became the fifth state with stores selling pot to the public in a market that is expected to outpace all others in the U.S. thanks to the millions of visitors who flock to Las Vegas each year. Veteran consumers, first-timers, twenty-somethings and retirees were among those who defied triple-digit temperatures before they made it into stores across the Las Vegas area, some of which opened shortly after midnight and later provided free water, live music, valet parking and coveted promotions on their valuable product. Eager employees guided customers and answered questions from product potency to Nevada’s consumption regulations.Minnesota resident Edgar Rosas Lorenzo on Saturday flew with his family to Sin City for his sister’s wedding. But even before he checked in to his hotel, he stopped at a dispensary on the Las Vegas Strip.
Lorenzo, 21, said he learned of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada while he was at the airport waiting for his flight to depart. He drove with his sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law from the rental car facility in Las Vegas straight to the dispensary. They waited in line about 40 minutes before he could buy one-eighth of an ounce of marijuana and hemp wraps.

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Local dispensary prepares for new customer base

Local dispensary, Acres, is preparing for an entirely new customer base with recreational marijuana now being legal in the state of Nevada. (Gabriella Benavidez/Las Vegas Review-Journal)


What Arizona residents need to know about Nevada’s marijuana laws

Arizona criminal attorney Russ Richelsoph was interviewed by Melissa Blasius on ABC15 about what Arizona residents need to know about Nevada legalizing recreational marijuana. Unfortunately, they spelled my name wrong.


Las Vegas morning update for Saturday, July 1st

1. Monsoon season is officially here, and tunnels and washes are one of the deadliest threats during flash floods. Officials say there’s been 32 flash flood deaths in Clark County since 1960. Last year, the county fire department received 56 flood rescue calls. HELP of Southern Nevada is offering services for the homeless to help minimize threats to people living in washes and tunnels.

2. If you lost something at EDC, chances are Insomniac Productions has it. They say they collected over 2,000 items like bags, cellphones, wallets and IDs. A similar amount of items were collected by lost and found during last year’s EDC.

3. Legal marijuana sales have officially started in Nevada. As of midnight, cannabis dispensaries across Nevada can sell recreationa marijuana to any adults 21 and older. The first sales come almost eight months after Nevadans voted to legalize the use and sale of recreational pot.