Dirty Cops Las Vegas

Dirty cops in Las Vegas caught on camera doing an illegal raid on a medical marijuana delivery. The first thing you’ll notice is they kicked down the front door and never knocked, showed a warrant or announced that they were law enforcement. As you continue watching the video, you’ll see one of the male cops pointing a gun at one of the male volunteers for no reason and another male police officer searching a female volunteer as he grabs her breasts multiple times.

As the footage continues you can see the cops illegally tampering with the cameras to try and keep their illegal raid from being caught on camera. You can also hear them talking about taking some of the medical edibles for themselves as well as some of medical marijuana. You will also see one of them take a pre-roll and put it in their pocket while another dirty cop can be seen actually lighting a joint as he walks out of the cameras view.

We’ve all heard of dirty cops doing illegal raids and stealing the evidence. But this video will definitely shock you and make you question how these dirty cops are getting away with doing illegal searches and raids without having to worry about any consequences.