Nevada Considers Emergency Regulations To Tackle Pot Distribution Bottleneck

On Thursday, state regulators approved Nevada’s first two pot distribution licenses and were considering passing emergency regulations aimed at licensing more, in response to overwhelming demand at Nevada’s new recreational marijuana stores. Gov. Brian Sandoval endorsed emergency rules, which the state Tax Commission was expected to approve in order to address a distribution bottleneck resulting from Nevada’s voter-approved measure to legalize recreational sales. Unlike other legal pot states, Nevada’s law dictates that only alcohol wholesalers are allowed to transport the drug from growers to storefronts for the next 18 months. The state is looking to challenge the interpretation of that law based on the distribution bottleneck.–Nevada%20Marijuana/id-533e690c283c441f8a559d58c8391f6d

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Nevada faces recreational weed shortage

Gov. Brian Sandoval has endorsed a “statement of emergency” for recreational marijuana regulations because dispensaries are running out of weed.

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Sandoval names marijuana task force members

Director of the Department of Taxation Deonne Contine has been named Chairwoman of the Task Force and Chuck Callaway of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has been tapped as Vice Chairman.


Gov. Sandoval delivers State of State address Tuesday

Gov. Brian Sandoval is proposing a 10 percent excise tax on the retail sale of recreational marijuana in Nevada to help finance about a 10 percent increase in the state budget over the next two years.