Marijuana home delivery services will continue

LAS VEGAS – Tax commissioners have approved hundreds of pages of new regulations for the marijuana industry.

One of the more notable rules allows marijuana delivery services to continue operating.

Las Vegas’ Oasis Cannabis dispensary is cashing in with same-day home delivery services.

“It’s really about convenience for the consumer,” said Ben Sillitoe, ceo/co-founder, Oasis Cannabis.

Oasis has been delivering medical marijuana since opening in 2015 and recreational marijuana since last August.

How it all works — sounds like an Amazon Prime operation.

“The order gets in our system and then the inventory department fulfills the order, gets it all packaged up and ready to go, and then the driver picks it up from the inventory fulfillment area,” Sillitoe said.

The law limits how much marijuana can be transported at any one time and requires non-descript vehicles and secure storage.

“The safe has to be attached to the frame of the vehicle, and the product has to be stored inside a safe, so we use a master lock and a metal cable to secure the safe to the frame of the vehicle so that it cannot be easily removed, and the driver does not remove the product from the safe until he has arrived at his destination,” Sillitoe said.

Oasis has two to three drivers handling a total of anywhere from 30 to 50 orders a day. The average trip yields about $100.

Add a dedicated dispatcher handling orders, and it’s a serious operation.  CEO and Co-founder Ben Sillitoe says it’s worth it.

“It was a really easy thing for us to add onto our current business model.”

Other dispensaries offer delivery as well. Some charge a delivery fee, others instead require a minimum order.

It’s another growing segment of Nevada’s expanding marijuana industry.

A state legislative committee is expected to formally adopt the regulations into law sometime in the next several weeks.

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