Las Vegas Cannabis Social Clubs/Colorado Refuses To Assist Fed Cannabis Raids

Canna Sense 04-28-2017 Today’s Cannabis Reports Come From by A.P.
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One thought on “Las Vegas Cannabis Social Clubs/Colorado Refuses To Assist Fed Cannabis Raids”

  1. I think the Hippocratic Oath needs to be forced on the Pharmaceutical Companies. Of the original Oath, compared to that of today's Oath, there is only a single line which still exists, 'To not give any patient a medicine that may harm them.' At any given moment there are over 17,000 lawsuits and over 2 million deaths a year associated with prescription drugs or doctor malpractice. Completely devoid of its own findings, referring to the federal government, in reference to the Shafer Commission Report, the federal government whose legalized practice of racial segregation is found to be an acceptable avenue of justice when joined with the illegality of cannabis. Using only opinion and racial slur, this validated moral fortitude, a morality that has been expressed in the very same area as those who were awarded medals at Wounded Knee, have convinced themselves, albeit a financially motivated pursuit, that they as well as the common, misinformed man, as Twain would say, that they are not misled purposefully, and that they, who would dictate themselves as Master, in-so-much as the for-profit systems have proven, are not the enemy. Now hidden by those Arthurian archetypes of grammar and liege, they have spilled only enough truth to redirect from the agenda at hand, to use the minuscule side-effects of only a few, as a basis for a total rebuke, as we have seen written by those like Barcott in 'Weed The People', where the overshadowing benefit is derailed by a few choice unfortunate acts of ignorance and ego on part of the public. Indeed, this multi-directional rues of titles, oxymoron's, double and triple entendre, metaphor and outright manipulations, leave us with an area which at this very moment is being devised to undermine the simple mind; they who would view struggle as an ego trip of the powerful who want simply nothing more than to enslave a nation, this being done so they might feel a sense of purpose and a distorted sense of patriotism. The same patriotism that ignores it's leaders like Washington and Jefferson, truly fools and hypocrites have gone far beyond that of Christians, and sides with those Like JP Moran and Rockefeller for the selling of the planet itself. This is the real hidden American Dream, this is the foundation of your vote, to strip you of your own personal choice and be the automatons of the government in which you serve.

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