Going to pot? Recreational marijuana could be sold soon in West Wendover

WEST WENDOVER, NEVADA (News4Utah) – A vote in this small Nevada Tuesday night could have a big impact on Utah by making recreational marijuana available for sale just across the state line.

We could be one step closer to having legal recreational marijuana sales just 90 minutes from Salt Lake City because the West Wendover City Council is going to discuss licensing those establishments.

“It’s up for a vote tonight and a decision will be made on it this evening,” Councilman John B. Hanson told News4Utah Tuesday.

Councilman Hanson says that 57 percent of West Wendover residents voted in favor of recreational pot but he’s not sure how he will vote and the Council is divided as well.

“There’s no secret about it, two of them and the Mayor are definitely for it,” Hanson said. “And three of us would really like to make a good decision and so on and taking our time and making a clear decision we’re accused of dragging our feet…Is this the right thing, recreational marijuana for West Wendover Nevada or not, there are pros and cons.”

Hanson says the pros are increased tax revenues for this border tourist town but the cons are potential negative consequences on both sides of the state line. Some Utahns News4Utah asked said they would make the drive to get high… but didn’t want to say so on camera.

“I have big concerns about Utah,” Hanson said. “There will be people coming out here. I guess the question is when they take it back over the line how that affects the people of Utah. It is still illegal in Utah, possessing it, transporting it and what have you would be a concern.”

West Wendover and Utah residents will know the outcome when the City Council votes at their 7 o’clock meeting Tuesday night.




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