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LAUGHLIN — Bob Beers took the opportunity to talk with the Laughlin Republican Women’s Club Jan. 11 and to let them know that he’s running for state treasurer seat.

Beers handed out his resume and talked about his experiences and why he wants to run for state treasurer. He said he’s a certified public accountant and hopes to bring the integrity of a CPA to the office of treasurer.

“There’s another kind of integrity I plan to bring to this office as well,” Beers said. The integrity he really brings is that of someone who really is what he says he is and doesn’t give lip service, he added.

He’s been tested having been part of the Nevada legislature from 1998-2007, Beers said. He spent five years on the Las Vegas city council. He believes he’s the most qualified to handle cash management, debt management and many other tasks, he continued.

Half of what the office does, he said, isn’t management stuff. It’s more about marketing. The treasurer is charged with marketing various programs the legislature has set up to promote people to save money for children or grandchildren to go to college or some type of technical schools, he added.

Beers said he believes he’s the best person for that type of job because of his education background, having owned and operated his own businesses. It takes a great deal of marketing to have a successful business, he continued.

His resume includes being in radio broadcasting from 1978 to 1985; a CPA apprenticeship with Laventhol and Horwath; owning his own company, Wilson, Beers and Company (a computer accounting systems business); working as vice president of sales and marketing for Payroll Solutions; being a CPA for Seale and Beers and his time as a full time councilman for Las Vegas.

In answering questions, Beers said he divides the world into what he can do or have an impact on and what he can’t. At one point he was being the treasurer for a kick up charter school and that was a cool experience, he added.

Education is one piece he can’t fix, Beers said. He discussed some of the other candidates who are running against him.

He was asked about health care. He said that telemedicine is the closet thing that’s been developed to help with medical services for the rural areas. The problem with health care is that it’s business and there’s not enough money to be made in smaller areas but telemedicine could help some, he continued.

Regarding recreational marijuana, Beers said the key is the banking issue. Because banks are nervous about dealing with dispensaries, they end up with very large amounts of cash and that creates safety issues, he added.

The other problem is there are businesses trying to pay taxes in cash, Beers said. It would be cheaper for the state to hire a armored car service than it would be to address in another way, he continued.

In the bigger picture, Beers said, he compares it to cigars. At the moment marijuana is costly but eventually that cost will come down. It’ll still make big money, but it won’t continue to make as much as it does now, he added.

Beers talked about the state caucuses and how it works. He advocated for club members to be part of the caucus process. He also advocated for members to get out and vote.

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