Dispensaries battling high demand for marijuana with recreational sales opening

Hours away from the start of legal recreational marijuana sales in Nevada, some are already raising questions about the laws of supply and demand. They are wondering what, if anything, will be done to prevent price gouging at dispensaries.


Las Vegas morning update for Friday, June 30th

1. Police are accusing a man of having sex with a dead woman in public. Joseph Martinez was arrested on Sunday after several 911 calls reporting a sexual assault on the side the road near Charleston Boulevard and Rancho Drive. Officials are saying the woman may have been homeless and died two to four hours before the incident.

2. An arrmed patient opened fire yesterday inside a medical facility, shooting two employees before turning the gun on himself. Police say he started shooting when he was denied a walk-in appointment. The employees and two others who were injured are expected to live. A spokeswoman for the police department says officers acted quickly.

3. At 12:01 a.m. this Saturday, you can officially buy recreational marijuana from 37 dispensaries around the valley. This means dispensaries are upping their security measures and stockpiles. Recreational pot will be pricey, costing an estimated $80 for ⅛ ounce at some stores.


News Today USA| Las Vegas dispensaries prepare for July 1 recreational marijuana sales launch

Despite uncertainty about whether recreational marijuana sales were going to start July 1, dispensaries are going full puff ahead around Nevada.
The date also happens to be at the beginning of a busy Fourth of July weekend in Las Vegas.


Pot Will Soon Be Legal In Nevada

On Saturday, Recreational marijuana will become legal to purchase in Nevada. This doesn’t mean anything goes, though. Officers say for months they have been preparing to enforce the law passed by voters in November. They will focus on keeping impaired drivers off the road and will crack down on those illegally using weed in public. It will be legal to use only in a private home which includes yards and porches. Local governments can ban recreational sales and decide whether to grant local business licenses. However, they cannot outlaw adults from possessing up to an ounce of weed or consuming it in a private home.

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What to know as recreational marijuana goes on sale July 1 in Nevada

Safety is a top priority, heading into the the state’s first weekend of recreational marijuana sales.